DUO Townhomes

DUO Townhomes, our newest multi family residential project, is about to start construction.  This project has taken some time to get right and get ready and we couldn’t be more excited to get started on site.

DUO is offering 7 Dual Master Suite homes and 13 two-bedroom patio homes into the Parksville market. The Dual Master Suite homes are a unique offering in the local market – homes that include two master bedrooms with equally impressive bath and walk-in closet spaces providing the option for individual comforts.

You can learn more about the project and sign up for updates at DUO Townhomes

Darren is leading our team as the project manager while Tori is looking after all of the construction management aspects.  Buddy, one of our senior superintendents, will look after the site day to day to bring home the quality that our clients expect from Tectonica.

Marketing will ramp up later in the summer as construction progresses and we are looking forward to moving happy purchasers in to their new homes in spring 2022.