Project Management

Our Project Management services include management of all of the processes around project feasibility analysis, land acquisition, subdivision or consolidation, municipal permitting processes, financing, design processes, procurement processes, contract management services, quality control and quality assurance, and macro-level project budgeting and scheduling.

As your Project Manager, we work as your representative to oversee the management of all aspects of the project, from its inception and design through to construction and use. Acting on your behalf, we procure the services of the design consultant and other specialty consultants. Once under construction, we act as your Construction Manager or General Contractor to create a collaborative and creative project-wide environment that serves your vision.

At Tectonica, we provide both Project Management (PM) and Construction Management (CM) services. By hiring Tectonica to provide both PM and CM services, you can benefit from a single point of contact and control for the entire project, a deeper continuity of project vision and design intent during the transition from design to construction, and project efficiencies created by our unique combination of professional consulting and direct construction experience.

We have experience providing project management services for a range of commercial, institutional and educational projects across Vancouver Island. To view our work, click on the link below.

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